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[Webinar] ProvisionPoint for Microsoft Office 365 Groups Management: Empowering users while maintaining IT governance.

You've heard about Office 365 Groups, and many of your business users have either started testing it or are hoping to use it in the near future. Before enabling Office 365 Groups for use within organization, IT administrators need to first extend their governance model to support the new product but also need to integrate the service with the rest of their site provisioning efforts. ProvisionPoint provides simple to deploy tools for Office 365 provisioning that ensures an enjoyable experience for your users while ensuring policy enforcement. 

Join Peter Baddelay, Co-Founder of ProvisionPoint, and Aashish Warty, Principal Cloud Architect of GlassWater, for a 30 minute introduction to ProvisionPoint and a dive into their capabilities for Office 365 Groups.  

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