Productivity APplications

Empowered by our technology partnerships, GlassWater has crafted applications catered to addressing today's business needs with a focus on the mobile workforce. These technology driven applications allow clients to leverage existing independent software vendors (ISV) and then build on their platforms to create unique intellectual property that solves business challenges.

Operational Excellence

Whether your clients are internal or external, your mission is to provide a high level of service, at a competitive cost, and to maintain a high level of engagement with your audience.  GlassWater provides governance and automation solutions for everyone from IT to Sales to Leadership teams.  Agility and speed are key to improving operations, no one wants to sit on another steering committee or attend another envisioning session, they want to build a solution and see the impact rapidly, then iterate and grow in time.  GlassWater employs a rapid pilot framework to deliver value and results in a short period of time.   

EDUCATe & deploy

Your organization endeavors to achieve a digital transformation, and that has lead to significant technology investments.  GlassWater will help you identify which application is the right one to use based on your requirements and how to best empower your users to leverage new technologies to solve business challenges.  Digital transformation does not happen overnight, and its not just about large-scale platform upgrades or replacement, it happens when users have the proper skills and access to tools that leads to them independently using technology driven solutions.