Put a Beacon on It!

Ever want to know how many times someone requests time off?

Or when an employee  requests a new computer?

Or when a sales rep asks for discount of greater than 50%?

Well now you can, with Nintex Hawkeye. Nintex Hawkeye allows point analytics within Nintex Workflows. Adding a beacon to any action allows rich analytics pretty much anywhere you want them. Nintex provides users and admins the ability to unlock the value in your data and gain unique perspectives on which workflows improve your organizations business processes. Adding Beacons can allow monitoring of departmental usage, unique users and current instances within a specific scope of your Nintex environment. Beacons can also address areas of training and efficiency within your organization. With Nintex's drag and drop interface, Beacons can be added by administrators and power users alike. Nintex Hawkeye can be accomplished in three easy steps:

 1) Add Beacons to actions within workflow

 2) Add lenses to filter out data and only show what's needed for a clean report

 3) Share data through rich interfaces like Microsoft's Power BI.

See more at https://www.nintex.com/workflow-platform/hawkeye-workflow-analytics