New Webinar with Powell 365 July 26 @ 11am CST

Go Big and You’ll Go Home: How to roll out a corporate intranet successfully by building on success and governance.

July 26, 11 am CST

Your corporate intranet is a reflection of your corporate culture, and changing either is difficult. Of course you need management buy-in, budget, and a capable staff to execute, but what is often overlooked and underappreciated are simple victories or wins! Starting small, collecting wins, and building on success with an eye towards governance is an essential strategy to corporate intranet (and cultural change).

GlassWater and Powell Software come together to host a special 30-minute webinar. The two partners would like to showcase how Powell 365 is easy enough for a single business unit to get started and powerful enough to support a robust governance plan. With Powell 365, you don't have to do it twice, build your site framework and replicate it into a corporate wide intranet via a repeatable process within Powell Manager.

Aashish Warty of GlassWater and Ryan Orehek of Powell Software will walk you through the process in this month’s Powell 365 webinar.

Join us on July 26th at 9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST for our partner webinar. Come see what makes Powell 365 unique! Don’t miss the fun, RSVP today!

GlassWater Technology Company and Powell Software Launch Reseller Partnership

GlassWater Technology Company, a leading information technology company, and Powell Software, a global leader in ready-to-use collaboration software solutions, today announced a national reseller partnership. The partnership brings together Powell Software’s leading-edge technology, Powell 365, and GlassWater’s market expertise to develop innovative and personalized customer experiences.

Powell 365 is an intranet software that provides a no-code approach to SharePoint solutions. In as little as two weeks, a company can completely customize the user experience of their own branded intranet portal to relieve employees of painful day to day operations and withstand tedious IT interfaces. “We welcome GlassWater into the Powell 365 Partner Program,” said Antoine Faisandier, CEO of Powell Software.

Through this partnership, the two companies simplify the digital transformation process by creating a single window into the Microsoft Office 365 digital workplace. GlassWater crafted an innovative approach that helps clients leverage Microsoft Office 365 features through a customized Powell 365 digital workplace. The intranet portal presents a simple way to build a secure and cost effective digital workplace in record time.

Not only will this approach allow for an improved user-friendly experience, it will also increase the clients overall Office 365 usages and in turn their return on investment.  “We have seen unprecedented growth in our client’s SharePoint adoption and usage after deploying Powell 365. What was once a glorified file store is now a true collaboration environment used by every employee,” state Aashish Warty, Principal Cloud Architect at GlassWater.

“GlassWater was founded on the premise to delivering the most valuable software solutions to their customers and topnotch professional services to implement them,” continued Faisandier. “This is in perfect alignment with Powell 365 strategy and after a first successful customer project together. We are set for a promising year 2018 together!”

GlassWater Technology Company:

GlassWater was founded on the premise that there are enterprises and governments with the desire or mandate to adopt the Microsoft cloud into their overall IT landscape but lack the experience or situational awareness to execute. Additionally, there are a multitude of emerging software providers that have compelling technology that would be beneficial to these customers but they lack the sales and business development wherewithal to reach their prime markets. We aim to bring these two ecosystems together, to eliminate the turbulence associated with cloud adoption, and lead your organization to calm waters. For more information visit:

About Powell Software:

Powell Software was founded in 2015 by Expertime Group, a Microsoft platform expert. Based in France and the United States, Powell Software drives digital transformation by offering Powell 365, an integrated digital workplace solution that transforms the user experience and boosts communication, collaboration and business productivity. Behind each Powell 365 portal is the WSYWYG designer, Powell Manager that configures compelling digital workplaces based on Office 365 and SharePoint. For more information about Powell 365 or Powell Manager, please visit our website:


ProvisionPoint expands to North America with GlassWater partnership to serve Office365 customers

ProvisionPoint expands to North America with GlassWater partnership to serve Office365 customers

GlassWater Technology Company, a rapidly growing Microsoft partner in cloud productivity and workplace automation is pleased to announce a new partnership with ProvisionPoint.  ProvisionPoint is a leading independent software vendor, based in the United Kingdom, that provides powerful site provisioning tools to maximize SharePoint administration and governance for Microsoft Office365 customers.  This new partnership will allow GlassWater to fill a specific need within the Office365 customer base that is challenged with managing SharePoint sprawl and maintaining an effective governance model.

Dear CEO, can you add me to your secret distribution list? (@hyperfish)

Dear CEO, can you add me to your secret distribution list? (@hyperfish)

In a previous role  I was responsible for our global enterprise sales team.  I spearheaded the purchase and adoption of a technology that would track website hits.  This kind of information was very helpful to sales because while you couldn't see exactly "who" was hitting your site, you could see the company name, location, search terms, sites visited, etc.  There was a simple reporting functionality that allowed a user of the tool to create and schedule reports to run on a periodic basis and either store that report in a log or send it to you via email.  

Top 5 Takeaways from Nintex InspireX 2017

Top 5 Takeaways from Nintex InspireX 2017

Nintex hosted their annual Partner and Customer Conference in New Orleans from Feb 13-15, 2017.  We were looking forward to this show not only because its our first opportunity to attend since signing up as a Nintex partner, but also having worked for an ISV that does not have an annual conference, we were eager to see how Nintex would execute.  We know these events are not easy to pull off; it is difficult to coordinate sponsorships, speakers, and entertainment options to provide a valuable experience for attendees that is not only exciting but educational.  We found this event to be a home run, jam packed with useful sessions but also with exciting keynotes and Tier 1 speakers.  Here are our Top 5 takeaways from the event:

Are you creating valuable assets for your organization?

Are you creating valuable assets for your organization?

You have to realize that your organization has entrusted you with the capital to spend on its behalf, are you deploying it wisely?  The organization could have redistributed those earnings and budgets to any number of other vehicles, but they chose you.  Sounds like a grand responsibility, right?  Well its not always that dramatic, but it should make us think, for every dollar we spend on a new project, is it creating at least 1 dollar in value in return? 

Put a Beacon on It!

Ever want to know how many times someone requests time off?

Or when an employee  requests a new computer?

Or when a sales rep asks for discount of greater than 50%?

Well now you can, with Nintex Hawkeye. Nintex Hawkeye allows point analytics within Nintex Workflows. Adding a beacon to any action allows rich analytics pretty much anywhere you want them. Nintex provides users and admins the ability to unlock the value in your data and gain unique perspectives on which workflows improve your organizations business processes. Adding Beacons can allow monitoring of departmental usage, unique users and current instances within a specific scope of your Nintex environment. Beacons can also address areas of training and efficiency within your organization. With Nintex's drag and drop interface, Beacons can be added by administrators and power users alike. Nintex Hawkeye can be accomplished in three easy steps:

 1) Add Beacons to actions within workflow

 2) Add lenses to filter out data and only show what's needed for a clean report

 3) Share data through rich interfaces like Microsoft's Power BI.

See more at



Why GlassWater Technology?

So you've made it to Office 365, paid for a pile of users, gave them the keys to all the rich functionality and applications. Now what? How do you propel your business to the next level and get the most out of your investment? After working on the software side as well as the delivery side I noticed that there needs to be a middleman, someone that knows software well enough and knows when to build vs buy. GlassWater Technology is that middleman, we vet independent software vendors and compile the best of breed companies while allowing delivery organizations to customize solutions to fit the needs of their clients. It's our goal to provide our customers with the best combination of software and services to solve business problems. We are always looking for new partners in both applications and delivery. 

Aashish Warty

Principle Cloud Architect - GlassWater Technology