ProvisionPoint expands to North America with GlassWater partnership to serve Office365 customers

Chicago, IL May 11, 2017.  GlassWater Technology Company, a rapidly growing Microsoft partner in cloud productivity and workplace automation is pleased to announce a new partnership with ProvisionPoint.  ProvisionPoint is a leading independent software vendor, based in the United Kingdom, that provides powerful site provisioning tools to maximize SharePoint administration and governance for Microsoft Office365 customers.  This new partnership will allow GlassWater to fill a specific need within the Office365 customer base that is challenged with managing SharePoint sprawl and maintaining an effective governance model.

Chris Foreman, CEO of GlassWater, said, "Office365 administrators face a challenge by encouraging adoption of SharePoint yet maintaining a high level of service to their internal customers.  ProvisionPoint provides IT with the perfect mix of a product that is simple to deploy and manage within Office365, easy to configure based on your governance policies, and intuitive for the end users." 

Peter Baddeley, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at ProvisionPoint added, "As our customers migrate and deploy Office365, and Microsoft continues to innovate with products such as OneDrive, Office Groups, and Microsoft Teams there is an ever-increasing need for IT to effectively track where collaboration is happening and to ensure it happens in a compliant and secure manner.  ProvisionPoint adds an essential layer of administer for any sized organization to achieve their Office365 collaboration goals."

GlassWater will serve as ProvisionPoint's inaugural launch partner for the North American market, and will be adding the product to their existing blend of productivity and automation solutions.  They will add ProvisionPoint into their outbound marketing and sales campaigns and serve as the first line of support to Office365 customers exploring site provisioning solutions in the territory.

ProvisionPoint and GlassWater will be hosting their first webinar to announce the partnership and to address specifically how ProvisionPoint supports the deployment of Groups and SharePoint.  Please join us on June 22, 2017 at 11:30 am CST. For more information visit:

About ProvisionPoint:

Established in the United Kingdom in 2016, ProvisonPoint was created when the founders thought that there must be a better way to bring users and IT teams together.  The result was a SharePoint site creation, governance and management solution, designed for everyone and built for the cloud.  ProvisionPoint is a company of consultants and developers, who really understand the pain points of both moving to the cloud and managing larger scale SharePoint implementations.  For more information visit

About GlassWater Technology Company:

GlassWater delivers productive applications of innovative technologies to organizations aiming to improve the way they internally operate and interact with the outside world.  Midwest based and a Microsoft Certified Partner, GlassWater brings over a decade of experience growing independent software vendors and professional services organizations in the Microsoft partner ecosystem.   Find out more at