Empower your Mobile Workforce With Nintex

Today, employees are using mobile devices, working off-site, and in some cases bringing their own devices to the corporate environment. If you want to get the best work out of your people, you need to give them every tool it takes to be productive on the go.

Whether employees are at a trade show, visiting a customer, or at a networking event, there are many opportunities to capture critical information and to streamline the storage of that data in your enterprise content systems. 

To best work with all these scenarios, a workflow automation solution must be designed that supports mobile access across all key platforms but doesn’t require special effort. Every forms-driven workflow solution should be mobile ready.

People need to work without borders. Workflow automation brings process work to your people, wherever they are, on any device, rather than asking them to add yet another website or app to check regularly. Workflow automation solutions get used because they’re a help, not a burden.

Your users expect to get to their work, regardless of where they are and what device they choose to use.

Scenario: Corporate IT employees are at a networking event without direct access to sales, marketing, or CRM solutions.

Solution: Custom Mobile Application using Nintex Mobile and App Studio through the Nintex Workflow Cloud connect to Salesforce.

You can create your own custom branded mobile application leveraging Nintex App Studio and deploy company driven solutions to iOS, Windows, and Android devices. These custom solutions integrate with corporate MDM solutions and can be packaged for corporate distribution.

Mobile applications can be configured to adhere to corporate branding standards including logos, fonts, and color schemes.

Nintex Mobile makes your workflows mobile. 

•       You can submit forms, online or offline

•       You can take advantage of native mobile features like geo-location, camera, date & time etc. in your mobile forms

•       If your process needs bar code or QR code scanning, you can do that as well.

•       There is little to no effort involved in building and deploying mobile apps.  Once you design the forms that are browser ready, you can create a mobile ready layout and publish it to the Nintex mobile app or custom branded app with no additional development effort.

Information captured through Nintex Mobile Applications can be routed to various third party applications including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com, and SharePoint. In addition to data intake, Nintex Workflow Automation can be applied to route data intake to various parties for approval and notifications.

For those of you in the Midwest, we are hosting an in person event at Top Golf to discuss Mobile-first Productivity with Nintex Workflow on April 27, 2017.  You are welcome to join us by registering HERE