Dear CEO, can you add me to your secret distribution list? (@hyperfish)

In a previous role  I was responsible for our global enterprise sales team.  I spearheaded the purchase and adoption of a technology that would track website hits.  This kind of information was very helpful to sales because while you couldn't see exactly "who" was hitting your site, you could see the company name, location, search terms, sites visited, etc.  There was a simple reporting functionality that allowed a user of the tool to create and schedule reports to run on a periodic basis and either store that report in a log or send it to you via email.  

I used this tool to set up reports for every major territory around the world, sometimes down to just a few states in the US, and would run it daily to arrive in my inbox, then I created rules in Outlook with distribution lists for the corresponding sales people in the territory.  Unfortunately the tool only had the ability to send to a single user at a time, so I had to manage all of this in my own Outlook client. 

The system worked like a charm, every morning the reps would sit down at their desks and at the top of their inbox would be a report giving them the companies in their territory that hit the site the day before, and this information would help focus their activity for the day. 

Where this system broke down, was in the management of the distribution groups.  It was 100% manual and since we were constantly transitioning people in, up, and out of the organization, new reps and their managers were constantly emailing me to make updates.  When we first started, I just had a team of about a dozen people, but by 2016 we had over 200 people recieving the reports on a daily basis!

Of course this was not the best way to manage the process and while I enjoyed collateral benefit of receiving frantic messages from our most ambitious reps whenever a report failed to run one night, we should have at least been using dynamic membership for distribution lists, and now would be using dynamic membership within Office365 Groups, and a product like Hyperfish would have made it all possible by ensuring the proper reps and managers were receiving the right reports.  

I want to point to Jeremy Thake's recent blog which highlights the value of Dynamic Membership, enjoy:

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